I think existance of $10/hour IT job is a good lesson for us. Here're the detail thoughts:

I had thought all IT jobs should deserve good pay. However, I did find these $10/hour IT jobs with my own eyes. And many of these guys are actually as good as us.

After the astonishment, angryness at the beginning, this drived me to think:
1) why this will happen?
2) how to avoid getting into the pitfalls for myself

There're some ideas come from that "research":
1) which tech area to work?
2) which place to work?
3) How to improve personality?
4) How to label myself (a pure tech guru is not that good any more)?
5) which are the valuable skills?
6) what kinds of people keep having high salary?

When I was hunting a new jobs, I collected a bunch of resumes for reference. I read them pretending I'm a employer. I noticed a big problem in most of resumes. They emphasized too much on detail technical skills. Such as how many years on java.
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