OK. I find you guys have contradicted ideas

本文发表在 rolia.net 枫下论坛There're 2 changes:
1) To be experienced on the language specifc areas: such as "Understanding session bean and entity bean doesn't mean you know ejb. Try implementing ejb in distributed system, integrating with legacy system and managing transaction". They're all related with specific language.
2) To be experienced on language independant areas. This is what I mentioned as "understand the problem, identify the problem, describe the problem". In this area, I don't think the language gurus have many advantages. Even a newcomer in j2ee (or any detail tech), can do well. It becomes following questions: "what's the problem?" "What I want?" "How to do it" "any alternatives". Why I mentioned j2ee? Because there're too many solutions on web, which makes j2ee gurus less valuable.

So my points are:
1) Any technology skills worth less money. Their major value is to pass the interview.
2) If only wants to pass the interview, reading more books and understand the concepts better will be more useful than doing 1-2 detail projects.
3) Many companies will test detail hands-on programming skills because there're so-many j2ee people seem to know "everything". Even though, most of the online testing will still favor these concepts guys. I understand you guys are gurus. But if given an online test, you probably do worse than a guy who just finished a training session. Working and testing have different scope.
4) Many of our so-called experience are just "ever played a few examples in the book". No more. Such as "implementing ejb in distributed system", there're some sample code and sample solutions you can find from web or books. Just play with it, then you claimed you're "experienced". It's ture. But on such a thing, a veteran cannot really make any difference. For example, if you used ejb or any other j2ee for years, but you happened never to have tried integrating with a legacy system, such as IBM's CICS. But a new comer happened to attend a project of it. Then he beats you with more "experience".

EJB or these high end stuff are designed for easy to pick up. It's an idea area for non-IT people to get into the field. So does DOTNET.更多精彩文章及讨论,请光临枫下论坛 rolia.net
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