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  • 有本地收入,贷款金额不足的,复杂情况需要贷款方案的朋友,请致电咨询Scotiabank -- Nick Zhang 6478812600,点链接看详情。
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  • 有本地收入,贷款金额不足的,复杂情况需要贷款方案的朋友,请致电咨询Scotiabank -- Nick Zhang 6478812600,点链接看详情。



  • 既然没有人响应设计那个投票功能,那就来看来星报上的民意吧,密瓜不知虾莫原因不CARE,我个人是比较感兴趣阅读读者COMMENTS的,这里就是第一页的几则: 既然没有人响应设计那个投票功能,那就来看来星报上的民意吧,密瓜不知虾莫原因不CARE,我个人是比较感兴趣阅读读者COMMENTS的,这里就是第一页的几则:
    本文发表在 rolia.net 枫下论坛JimiHendriks -----Laws Need Overhaul

    The system is a mess and I am also a victim where it supports a lazy spouse in a breakup. My ex has no ambition to improve her employment education, etc. as long as I am working to support her and no Children involved either.

    Jul 3, 2012 4:45 PM
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    clitvinted ------I would leave too!!

    100k/yr at time of separation, he was ordered to pay 4k/mth (48k/yr) in child/spousal support 100k is about 65k after taxes, which means he has 17k to live on a year. On top of that the woman gets the house too ha, ha ha,.. i would run , run far far away.. who ever the judge on this case is retarded.
    Jul 3, 2012 4:48 PM
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    The true story

    This is a story about greed and manipulation of the media to garner support for a system that is clearly broken. How is it fair that someone with $600K in equity, $2,000/mth in rental income, $2,500/mth in disability payments, and $2,235/mth in tax free child support can be entitled to another $1,537/mth in spousal support. Maybe The Star should be reporting on that instead.

    Jul 3, 2012 5:12 PM
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    • 靠这个说明不了什么问题,每个阶层都只关注自己的利益.但法律的制定,不只是要兼顾利益,更要体现司法精神.议院可以选举,总理可以选举,但法律的制定却不能同过选举的形式.因为在专业领域,只有权威,没有民主.
      • 选民只能影响自己的MP或MPP呗....按程序来影响...我也学习提高一下吧.... 选民只能影响自己的MP或MPP呗....按程序来影响...我也学习提高一下吧....
        本文发表在 rolia.net 枫下论坛How A Bill Becomes Law in Canada

        To create a new law, also called an act or a statute, the government first introduces a bill which must pass through various stages in both the House of Commons and the Senate in order to become law.

        What is a bill?

        A bill is a proposed law that is introduced in either the House of Commons or the Senate. Most bills are introduced in the House of Commons. Bills can amend or repeal existing law or can contain completely new law.

        There are two kinds of bills: public and private. Public bills relate to public policy and may be sponsored by a Minister (Government bill) or by a private Member (Members' bill). Private bills benefit a particular individual or group.

        What stages must a bill pass in order to become law?

        In the First House:

        The first House can be either the House of Commons or the Senate and is always the House in which the bill was introduced. If the first House is the House of Commons then the second House is the Senate and vice versa. A bill must pass through all the following stages, regardless of the House in which it was introduced, in order to become law.

        1st Reading: This is a formality whereby the bill is introduced to the House. The bill is then printed in its 1st reading form, often with explanatory notes.

        2nd Reading: The main principle and purpose of the bill is debated. If passed, the bill is then referred to a committee for further study. In some instances, a bill may be referred to committee prior to receiving second reading. Bills are not re-printed at 2nd reading.

        Committee: Committee members study the bill clause by clause. The committee may make amendments.

        Report Stage: The committee presents its report, which may recommend that the bill be accepted in its 1st reading state, or with amendments, or that it not be proceeded with further. During report stage debate, members can propose further amendments to the bill.

        3rd Reading: The House reviews the bill in its final form and then orders the printing of the 3rd reading bill. The 3rd reading copy includes any amendments made to the bill thus far.

        In the Second House:

        Once a bill has passed the 3rd reading stage in the first House, the bill goes to the second House where it must pass through the same stages. The Senate may amend, delay or refuse to pass bills, although traditionally the Senate passes most bills. Any amendments made by the second House however, must be agreed to by the first House or the bill does not become law.

        Royal Assent

        Royal Assent completes the enactment process. Bills may be given Royal Assent in two ways: by the Governor General or her deputy in a formal ceremony that takes place in the Senate before an assembly of both houses, or by written declaration. "Where royal assent is signified by written declaration, the Act is deemed to be assented to on the day on which the two Houses of Parliament have been notified of the declaration" (Royal Assent Act, S.C. 2002, c.15, s.5). When a bill receives Royal Assent it is given a chapter number for the Statutes of Canada.

        When does an act come into force?

        An act comes into force on the date of Royal Assent, unless the Act itself states that it comes into force on some other day. Different sections of an act can come into force on different days. An exact date may be specified or a "commencement" section may state that the Act, or certain sections of the Act, will come into force "by order of the Governor in Council". This means an order in council is required to fix the date that the Act or sections of the Act come into force. These orders in council are often referred to as proclamations. The House of Commons and Senate do not have to be sitting in order for an order in council to be issued to proclaim an act or sections of an act into force.

        What happens if a bill is not passed?

        Not all bills become law. A bill "dies on the order paper" if it does not pass through all of the stages described above during a session of Parliament. A bill that has died on the order paper can, however, be reintroduced as a new bill, with a new bill number, in the next session of Parliament.

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        • 很专业.收藏了.慢慢看.
          • It is the people of Canada who elect the lawmakers; we need to decide what we want from the law and then make sure it reflects those wishes. Everyone has the right to point out flaws in the law and to work towards changing these laws – lawfully. It is the people of Canada who elect the lawmakers; we need to decide what we want from the law and then make sure it reflects those wishes. Everyone has the right to point out flaws in the law and to work towards changing these laws – lawfully.
            Changing laws

            Government legal experts are constantly
            examining our laws, looking for ways to
            improve them. Law reform committees
            review laws and recommend changes.

            Lawyers bring questions of law to court
            to bring about change. Social action
            groups seek changes to laws that they
            consider unfair to members of Canadian
            society. Legislators at the federal,
            provincial and territorial governments
            respond by introducing new laws or
            amendments to old ones to be considered
            and debated in Parliament and
            the legislatures.

            Ultimately, though, the responsibility
            for changing our laws is not left entirely
            to the lawyers, the experts or the
            interest groups. It is the people of
            Canada who elect the lawmakers; we
            need to decide what we want from the
            law and then make sure it reflects those
            wishes. Everyone has the right to point
            out flaws in the law and to work
            towards changing these laws – lawfully,
            of course.

            • 人权,劳工啥的,我同意大家使劲提,但社会,家庭责任啥的,目前的还是比较好的.至少一个男权的社会能制定这么个对女性倾斜的法律,很体现男人们宽大的胸怀.要鼓励才是.
              • 为什么总是跟中国比呀....中国现在是乱七八糟的,可以前我在中国是连鸡奸和婚外恋都没听说过呀....那那会的中国文化好不好....
                • 因为大家总带着中国的思路.尤其对家暴的问题,我不是反对中国啊,但总不能两边的好处都占吧.中国男人没房子没钱,基本上是没有说话权的啊.
              • Everyone has the right to point out flaws in the law and to work towards changing these laws – lawfully. (CANADA’ S SYSTEM of JUSTICE) Everyone has the right to point out flaws in the law and to work towards changing these laws – lawfully. (CANADA’ S SYSTEM of JUSTICE)

                不觉得恶劣。到哪里就遵守哪里的法律。如果一个人都打算不遵守所在国的法律了,他移民有什么意义?那么你说说,这位具备加拿大国籍的父亲,不仅移入国回不了了,连出生国可能都回不去了,是这两个国家独裁吗?请解释。 -handaimigua(汉代蜜瓜); 7.3 20:46 (#7631526@0)

                • 这个我同意,当初我就强烈要求取消911的同学去国会山庄静坐绝食,或者找个能替他们说话的议院支持.或者成立个基金会,用来上下游说.可他们都不干,非要在这儿游说女人911就意味着家庭破裂.---连办事的程序都不知道,特没出息.
                  • 老实说,虽然我极力反对家暴,但要是全体中国移民都同意国人家庭的家暴不可911,女人任打,我也会签字的.毕竟大家都是中国人,要死一起死吧.反正我LG是不可能家暴的.
      • 但这个到修改,我觉得难度很大. 但这个到修改,我觉得难度很大.
        本文发表在 rolia.net 枫下论坛1.女性人口比例占一半.我感觉其他民族的女人是不会同意的.中国南方的女人恐怕也是不同意的居多.





        尽管同中国比较,这个对男人苛刻点,但基本上对男人要求高的结果使他们更上进.那位也只能跑到菲律宾,越南,中国啥的.估计北美欧洲是去不了的,就很能说明一个问题.---只有意识形态低的国家才有这种男人的生存空间.这里,我真为中国感到难过,虽然是经济大国,但意识形态也只能同菲律宾,越南同等.何时才能真正得到国际的认可.更多精彩文章及讨论,请光临枫下论坛 rolia.net
        • 你的理由呈述的较多,短短几句很难说清楚这么大的一个社会问题,只对其中一句略做质疑: 你的理由呈述的较多,短短几句很难说清楚这么大的一个社会问题,只对其中一句略做质疑:

          The United States is often considered one of the world’s leading nations. Sadly, America is more and more leading the world in immorality. How will the decline of this once-great nation affect our world—and you?

          Great nations often reflect great character and purpose. But when their standards and values decline and decay, their days are numbered. When families are strong and parents instill true values and godly character in their children, the nation is strong. But when a society abandons traditional "family values," history shows that its day of judgment looms.

          • 要求低同样也有这样的结果,没有听说那个同性恋主要是逃避家庭责任而产生的,而且同性恋的配偶现有同等的权利.至于想逃避责任的男人,要求在低也照样逃避,很多男人根本没法结婚,因为没有女人对男人毫无要求. 要求低同样也有这样的结果,没有听说那个同性恋主要是逃避家庭责任而产生的,而且同性恋的配偶现有同等的权利.至于想逃避责任的男人,要求在低也照样逃避,很多男人根本没法结婚,因为没有女人对男人毫无要求.
    • 民众基本都是跟随者,认知有限,所以民意是很容易被左右的.尤其是民众水准不高的地方,越容易起事.什么黄巾军,绿林军,瓦岗寨,梁山泊.都是头说了算.香港参加游行的也是小年轻居多.可见一斑.
    • translate it to chinese, it may take her a day to understand those comments.